Bruce –

Victim Location 35444

Type of a scam Tech Support

getting multiple calls , day and night from the two numbers listed above.

Claiming to be a Microsoft employee or a Windows employee

they ask for the ability to have a skype connection to my computer.

Once i was threatened.

Courtney –

Victim Location 78741

Type of a scam Tech Support

I’ve gotten several phone calls from a guy (Indian accent I believe) who says that he’s with Microsoft/Windows. He says my computer has been hacked by someone in China who is committing cyber crimes. I asked if he was legit, so he told me to go to a certain place in my computer and he read me a number. He then said he’d put me on with his supervisor to handle this issue. While I was on hold, the phone cut off, so I decided to call my computer expert. He said it’s a total scam, that the supervisor will then ask to get remote control of your computer. He says they’re targeting older people who are not quite as computer savvy and that Microsoft/Windows would never call anyone on the phone.

Someone then called me a second time. He went through his spiel, I said quit calling me I know this is a scam. He cursed me out really quickly then hung up.

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