Milennial Capital

Natalie –

Victim Location 91784

Total money lost $300,000

Type of a scam Investment

I was talking to a friend who’s a broker asking him and how I should invest in a property with money that I got from my Father’s passing. I guess he mentioned it to somebody he worked with. They invited me to lunch and I was introduced to a Matt Wilkie, a self described developer who’s name I recognized from high school. He showed me pictures of an MLB player(Yasiel Puig) holding his daughter and alluded that he does business with him, which ended up being part of his fraudulent sales pitch where he said he can sell anything and alluded to the idea that if your not investing with him your not smart. He convinced me that I shouldn’t invest in this particular property(which was the original intent of the meeting) but instead invest in in him in the form of an LLC, less than 6 hours later he had an operating agreement drafted up that included me and essentially all of my inheritance money. He wanted me to sign it right away and that became clear which caused me to think twice. Matt, through his partner at the time (who was the original person who introduced me to Matt), was pressuring me to sign right away or the deal was off. He told his partner to tell me all these details which were not actually written in the operating agreement including: the stated plan was for me to get payed back 5,000 a month for my initial investment of 180,000 so after three years I would have all my money back plus whatever is in the LLC account. The problem is that this was not clearly worded in the agreement and I quickly noticed the room for risk. With little explaining of what the purpose of the proposed LLC would be, Matt continued to pressure me into the deal for weeks to come(via text, call, email, whatsapp; even after initially stating that he would walk away from the deal if I didn’t meet him 12 hours after I recieved the operating agreement. He even went so far as to alluding that he was going to sue me and that I would be "liable for all [his] expenses incurred". That’s when I replied via email and clearly stated why I’m not interested, why I’m not liable, and that future contact would be considered harassment. After that I recieved no more communication from Matt Wilkie. But the original friend who introduced me texted me apologizing profusely and informed me that he (Isaac) went to a lawyer and told him that Matt was a fraudster this whole time, confirming my fears. Isaac has indeed cut communication and no longer works with this fraudster but informed me Matt probably has ripped off a bunch of people like he almost did to me and reportedly has ripped off somebody for 300,000.00 based on what I’ve heard. What Matt W. most likely does, based on what Isaac and his lawyer discussed, is forms these fraudulent LLCs to get money from people with no intent on doing anything good with it as he proceeds to take out credit cards in the name of the LLC and Maxes them out. It is essentially a big scheme, I’m not sure how many laws he is breaking but I would hope that there is protections for the poor people he has hurt through these deceptive practices. I want to inform the public so that nobody does business with him and to inform people that fraud isn’t always clear as day.

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