Minnesota Health System LLC

Katelyn –

Victim Location 54880

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I received a cold call from an unknown number out of Carlton, MN. Unfortunately I answered. They gave me no other information, other then my fiance and I were just at a wedding show in Duluth, MN and they somehow got my number. I have no idea how they got my number and I do not recall seeing these people there. I have very good memory and recollection. This company as it turns out was Minnesota Health Systems LLC., P.O.Box 373, Carlton, MN 55718-0373. (218)384- 4510 — Filter Queen vacuums. I was actually not told this at all in either phone calls on 02/15/2016. The girl, Kayley, told me that I won a wine basket and chocolates for participating in the Duluth wedding fair. Again, no idea how they got my #. Her boss then got on the phone and confirmed that I had won a prize, and if someone could come out to deliver it tonight, that would be great. I love wine, so I said oh ok! Then right before he hung up he also said, oh and they guy that comes by is just going to show you an air filter. No big deal, just tell your friends. He also said that my Fiance, Brad, would be getting a gift as well, of which he never did receive.

Well, the guy that showed up, Casey, was in full beard and very scary looking. This was around 7:15pm on 02/05/2016. He came to the door with absolutely nothing in hand. So I was very confused. Because supposedly he was just dropping off our prize. So it was very incredibly deceptive from the start. He then went out to grab my supposed prize, and came in with this huge luggage bags, 2 of them with the vacuum cleaner systems, definitely not just a little air filter that I had been told and imagined. He was very agitated and told us how horrible his previous customer was and that he didn’t even want to be here at our house but he was. He was swearing just nonstop. I couldn’t even believe it. Just so crazy unprofessional!!!! It’s honestly unfathomable to imagine how angry and agitated that he was. He would not stop swearing or telling us just how horrible everything was. He was raising his voice, and degrading us nonstop, really trying hard to insult us and tell us just how horrible our new house was and how dirty our newly installed carpet was. LOL It was almost laughable. But honestly very strange and scary. This guy and company need to be out of business. I cannot imagine him coming to a little old ladies house and what he could or would do to her! This is potentially very scary and very bad business, and I have no idea how these people are even in business!! He also completely took apart our Kirby vaccum and left it all over the floor taken apart. He tried telling us that we could trade it in as well. I suppose so they could sell it. Is this legal? It really seems like its not!

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