Mlj associates

Devon –

Victim Location 73461

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called my wife wanting to know if I was going to be home so I could have papers delivered. She asks questions they had our address from 10 years prior and didnt have our new one and we live in a different state as well. Thay gave use a number and a reference number, so we called and gave them the reference number, then saying my husband owed a hospital bill from 2010 and said that his insurance only paid some said the hospital that we know is closed and bankrupted for about 7 years they ask for payment over the phone. I said know they sent my husband a form and it had an amount more then they stated on it, I looked them up and cant find them at all it was shady with all the information, that’s why I’m reporting them my husband has been disabled before 2010 and we have no hospital bills.

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