Amy – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 34474

Total money lost $33.24

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a product from this company on May 7 I thought it odd that my card was charged through PayPal which I do not have but when looking on my statement it says PayPal the very next day I was issued a tracking number end it said and I quote” May seventh

Picked Up by Shipping Partner, USPS Awaiting Item


Shipping Partner: PITNEY BOWES ”

It said that for seven days so I contacted the company in regards to the shipping they told me that because of the virus there’s an issue with the shipping give it some time it will update later a few more days went by the tracking number did update but it also said and I quote” May 19th

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item


Shipping Partner: PITNEY BOWES ”

So I contacted the company again wondering why this product is going from one shipping facility to another again same response give it some time it will update later sorry for the inconvenience so I decided to do some research of my own and I contacted the United States Postal Service and they have informed me that only label was created there is no product attached to this tracking number but it sounds like it’s a fake tracking number that’s probably been stolen from some company in Illinois so I contacted the company where I ordered the product again and they say sorry for the inconvenience the tracking number will update later please allow some time due to the virus this is a scam they take your money and deliver no product I’m just trying to put a warning out there for everyone else. I have all conversation emails and tracking data if you need.

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