Molyes Store

Julian –

Victim Location 71913

Total money lost $63.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was directed to this website via facebook in which I purchased a 2-3 tent which then directed me to Paypal to complete the purchase through [email protected] for $63.90. The tent arrived 3 weeks later and was not even close to the description on the website. I filed a dispute through Paypal which then instructed me to send the piece of junk back for a refund, but for me to do that it would cost just as much as I already was scammed, so that ended that. Meanwhile, these —— are able to continue to scam people via Facebook and Paypal because of loopholes in their vetting system or whatever. I’m not sure if even deals with overseas scam or not, but figured I’d give it a shot to try to put these clowns out of business. Thx

Oscar –

Victim Location 53119

Total money lost $63

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw an ad on Facebook for a tent that I was interested in so I went to the website through the ad and placed an order. Payment was made with my credit card to a Paypal account on July 3rd and I received an email confirmation the next day confirming order was placed. There was a link with summary of my order and a tracking #. I had forgotten about the order until recently and realized that it had been about two weeks so I clicked on the link for the tracking and it took me to a website that wasn’t for a shipping company. It was a Free Cell Phone Tracking website ( I’ve reported the Molyes Store to Facebook to have their ads removed.

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