Moonstar Financial Corporation

Bradley –

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email of an instant job offer as an office assistant, of which they claim they reviewed my CV comng from their HR department and found me meeting all of their requirements. I didn’t particularly remember me applying to this location, but I was trying to find summer employment. Already email, there were countless syntax and grammatical errors, even in the quick reply emails there were these errors. After asking me some typical interview questions to respond to (which I did), they immediately asked for documentation for proof of my identity (to see if I wasn’t a scam – how ironic) and fill out an employment agreement exploiting my personal information, excluding sin number. Again, more syntax and grammar errors in the agreement form. Looking at their website (, there are even more syntax and grammar errors. Looking at the about us management section, I see pictures of the supposed leaders of the company to which they don’t even exist on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. I would assume the pictures of these people were fake because their visual ethnicity do not match their names or description of where they’re from. They have a news section which in most company websites they are news related to the company. With this news section, they’re just random NY Times articles that are completely irrelevant and have no connection to the company. In the contact us section, I try sending them a question to which I never got a reply back to. Then I tried calling the number provided – which is the same number of the emailed in their contact head, which they don’t even have an extension number for either – and all I get is a dial-up dial tone.

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