Morrison M H

Shane –

Victim Location 60015

Type of a scam Tech Support

More than once we have received a phone call from the number 18***, which seems to be based out of Arkansas. Our caller idea reads "Morrison M H" when the number calls. The caller, an Indian man based on his accent, informs us that our Windows computer is infected and tries to guide us through the process of solving the problem. This time, my mother decided to play along for a bit, and then pass the phone along to me, saying that I know more about computers and could follow his instructions. I wanted to hear what he asked me to do. He finally got flustered when I asked him how he knew that my computer was infected and he responded, "Because you are a m***[censored], you son of a b***!" and then hung up.

Someone more naive could easily fall victim to such a scam. I hope that you are able to follow up based on his phone number.

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