MS Computer

Gary –

Victim Location 06016

Total money lost $499.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was online when a warning popped up claiming I had a virus and my computer was locked up. I called 877-833-1233. Spoke with James Richards employee ID 3315JR. He said they were Micro Soft technicnians. He asked for a pre paid $499.99 master/Visa card, should have been my first clue!, and he would have it up and running in 35 min. Also for that price it was a life time service, could add up to 20 devices and Micro Soft Outlook 365 was included. After I did what they asked when I had questions they always answered the 800 number or returned my call. He said they were like what the Geek Squad was to Best Buy. I did not feel right so I call Micro Soft. They have nothing to do with them. I renewed my Out Look subscription with them and they removed what they had done. They took the 800 number and posted it as a scam. If any one gets that pop up and your computer is frozen, Micro Soft recommends Hold down Ctrl,Shift and Esc, or turn your computer off.

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