Katie –

Victim Location 84115

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The website offers one free document to be sent per 24 hours. When you submit this document, you get an email with a link to click to "release" the fax when it gets to the top of their queue. The email is always to a dead page. After 15 minutes with tech support, I was told that this feature is no longer offered, but I can sign up for an account with them, and then they’ll send the fax. This is obviously a fraudulent method to bring people in, though I don’t know if you can prosecute because they steal time and expectations, but not money. (And possibly sensitive information from the faxes themselves)

In my case, I was trying get medical records relating to the death of my husband earlier this week. The hospital would only release them to me if I showed up in person (I cannot leave home now), or if I faxed in some official documents.

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