Mystic Dunes or company affiliated with Mystic Dunes

Valerie –

Victim Location 60473

Type of a scam Phishing

I did not recognize the number calling but I decided to answer on the off chance that it could be business related.

I said hello and the man on the other end of the line took a short moment before responding. I could hear a very noisy environment like a bar or restaurant in the background which lasted the entire call. When the man spoke, he asked to speak to me and I asked who it was and he claimed to be part of a company that was affiliated with Mystic Dunes Resort in Orlando which I recently stayed at this past year. He then proceeded to tell me that the company was calling to offer me $500 of credit towards two vacations that I can use any time during the following two years and all I had to do is pay $175 to accept the vacation credit. He asked me what I thought of Orlando and I said that it’s awesome. He then asked if i was over the age of 25 to which I answered "Yes, but I’m not interested" and then he tried to add that the vacations were good for two adults and two children and could be used at any time and I still refused. He proceeded to say "Can i ask why" and I said I have no money for this right now and then he got rude saying "there’s no way in hell you will find an offer this good again. This is a live offer and once I hang up the offer will no longer be available." I said that I’m not interested again and the man hung up. Im guessing because he wasn’t able to get me to pay for the offered "vaction deal" He obviously wasn’t with Mystic Dunes Resort since he rudely hung up. No money was stolen from me however it raises the question as to how this person acquired my name, phone number and information that I stayed at this resort the past year. Did the resort sell my information to third parties unlawfully?

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