National Default

Kristen –

Victim Location 90019

Total money lost $2,000

Type of a scam Investment

After knowing Gregory Lusk for a number of years, through his daughter, on December of 2016 he approached me regarding investing in real estate contracts in La Vegas. He showed me a number of open contacts as well as information about the company (National Default Inc) he worked with. After hearing stories, that were later described by him as misunderstandings, I irresponsibly invested a total of $2000 with Mr. Lusk. I explained to him that the money was an investment for my 5 year daughter’s Christmas and her birthday in January. I am a student & I didn’t have have employment at the time. I gave him my last because I wanted to make my daughter’s holiday season a special one. Instead it was the opposite. Since 2016 he has constantly brought up me needing the money for my child, promised to meet up and has never shown up, and a number of other lies i’ve gotten. After months of the runaround, I emailed Yolanda Coleman, the person he works with from National Default as well as a signature on the contracts. She promised me she would handle the issue as well and stopped replying a few weeks after our conversations began. Til this day I still get texts saying my payment is coming. He’s repeatedly told me that hes got 100 + thousand in the bank and in investments and doesn’t need to steal from me, plus a number of other lies and excuses that I have documented.

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