National Hotel Motel Association

Ernest –

Victim Location 43460

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This company sent an invoice for advertising services never requested. Nowhere on the paperwork does it say this is a solicitation. I am not a new Director of Sales, so I looked to see if we’d ever had them as a vendor before, as I did not recall ever working with this organization prior. We received a very similar bill around the same time last year in the same amount, but did not pay it, as again it seemed "phishy" then as well. The copy of the invoice from last year looked just as suspicious as the one I just received today, so I checked complaints on your website for this business. I found a complaint stating what I was suspicious of – this company is mailing out fake invoices hoping companies pay them for services not requested. The phone number provided goes to an answering machine saying all representatives are busy. I only hope in reporting them, as others have the industry will take note and not pay them for a service they did not ask for…this is a SCAM!!!

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