NeighborhoodResearch Secret Shopper Program

Samuel –

Victim Location 94552

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Random text qualifying me as a Secret Shopper for Wal-Mart. All part of the Neighborhood Research Secret Shopper program. On the text it said it would pay me $350 to conduct survey. I responded to the text saying sure. I recently signed up online to do surveys which none of them ever panned out. I thought this was one of them. Within two days I received a FedEx envelope like the original text said I would. But instead of a check for $350 there with a cashiers check for $1,870. Of course all of the alarms went off at this point and I looked up the company’s name which confirmed they were indeed orchestrating a scam.

The instructions were to deposit the check immediately then send two Walmart to Walmart money order transfers totaling $720 each, and essentially keep the rest as payment. The Walmart transfers we’re required to be completed within three days of receiving the letter. There were plenty of official looking instructions as to how to behave like a secret shopper included in the letter.

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