Nelson Rico

Melanie –

Type of a scam Romance

I first met Nelson Rico on the OURTIME dating app for singles over 50. He was quite charming & told me he was a Staff Sergeant in the Army whose mother was from Calgary & Father was a German businessman who came to Canada, met this beautiful orphaned woman & married her. He went to military school in Alberta & after graduation he joined the Army & was stationed at a missile site in Ontario. He was a widower whose wife was a fashion model from France & had died of cancer 10 yrs ago & left him with a daughter who is now a teenager. His father passed away at age 69, also of cancer, and now his mother takes care of his daughter Crystal while he is deployed. But before he revealed all of this to me he asked if I could text him on his cell as he doesn’t have much opportunity to be on the computer being deployed in Syria.

Not long after I started texting him he told me that he was smitten by me & that he gave his OURTIME acct to his friend & fellow soldier Hawkins and encouraged me to do the same or close my acct altogether as I was his ‘one & only and he would be coming home to retire & start a new life with me by the end of the month. That didn’t happen! Delay after delay, excuse after excuse, this went on for 3 months. Meantime, there were requests for me to send him first, a care package containing the usual supplies a soldier would need plus iTunes gift cards. Next, he was injured in a terrorist ambush & needed medicine that he ordered but didn’t have enough money to complete the order & cld I send him some money to help. He even sent me a photo of himself, covered in blood & being carried by 2 other soldiers to convince/scare me & when I told him I couldn’t he said that he would be dead & didn’t contact me again for almost 2 weeks. The last request for financial assistance came when he said his transit leave was finally granted but as he was still on active duty, he had to pay for his own transportation costs but didn’t have access to his own funds from Syria. ‘Could I borrow from someone & send it so he could get home?’ Once there he could access his funds immediately, pay back the loan & we could finally start our new life together!

Fortunately, I have never been in a position to send any money as I don’t have any and I told him this! My credit is also in the toilet so I’m not even a good candidate for identity theft! And most of my friends & family were also suspicious so I knew better than to even ask for a loan so the joke is actually on HIM!

I researched his so-called brother Fred on Facebook & found all the photos that he posted on his dating app. They actually belong to another soldier by the name of Fred Rico(no relation).I have messaged him on Facebook to let him know someone is impersonating him on a dating app for the purpose of scamming women out of their money.


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