Never reported

Grant –

Victim Location 20910

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I receive calls from a similar (but never the same) phone number at least once a month, explaining that I qualify for a reduced interest rate on my credit card. The initial phone contact uses a recorded voice, that instructs me to press "9" if I am interested in hearing more. I typically hang up before this occurs. During a call about a month ago, I pressed 9 and a man explained that I qualified for a lower credit card rate. He quickly quoted that my card was from one of several major banks or credit card companies, and that I had over $3000 in debt, but that his records showed that I was always on time with my payments. He then asked me to relay some personal information, such as address and credit card information to verify identity. I stopped him at that statement, as I only have a few hundred dollars in credit card debt. He insisted that his records showed differently, I then insisted that this was not true, and the line quickly disconnected. Again, tonight, I received a call from a similar number, instructing me to press 9. I did so and immediately told the representative to take my name off their call list, and the operator became very angry at me, calling me a "*** *** for wasting his time and pressing 9". Any time I’ve attempted to call back the number, it is not in service, so I cannot block the numbers. I’m am very upset at these constants attempts to take personal information, and, especially after tonight’s encounter with the aggressive representative. In the past, I have not recorded the numbers, but I will hereafter. Here are the numbers used that I have noted:



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