New Amazon Seller

Krystal –

Victim Location 39553

Type of a scam Employment

Elvira Austin an [email protected]/[email protected] contacted me regarding a Quality Agent position. The company Amazon Corporate, LLC. The job was earning $40 per package inspected, repackaged and shipped. It supposed offered full benefits as well. Once I’d signed on I began getting correspondence from a Sophia Heller at [email protected] She is the person that Elvira forwarded my resume to. My HR Manager was Jessica Neuman. She is the one that assisted me in the portal. The shipped packages to my house, I inspected them, made sure the correct items were inside each package. Then they would upload a shipping label for me to download to ship the package. I did this for one month. When payday arrived not only did I not get paid but they disable my login and removed the registration IP address. The phone number listed on the website is phony. It automated. No one ever answers. I have copies of almost all of the correspondence and photo’s and emails between me and this "company". I’d love to find a way to shut them down for good. Attached is an image of what their portal looks like.

Mindy –

Victim Location 34233

Total money lost $2,360

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email stating a job offer through amazon for quality control. I would receive packages sent from sellers to I spect and send out to buyers. I’d get paid $40 for each package I send. Packages seemed legit. I’d log on to my new amazon seller panel, select received package, new label would create and I’d send off. 30 day trial ended, $3,700 was my amount added up, now the “company” won’t respond. When I took job, the website was legit. I honestly didn’t think anything if it. Then payday came, no responses to emails. Now, they have all my Info, my name and address are on thousands of dollars stolen. All packages were tracked in my user acct I had. Some packages I had to open, inspect, upload photo etc. I’m not talking little $10 items. Most packages were over $1000 in product. Now these evil people have every important I go about me. Once I created shipping label, I’d take it to fed ex or ups. Then hit sent and $40 appears on my user acct with a “payday” of every month. I’m just glad I have all emails and snap shots of communication in case this comes back on me. I also have all the shipping address they were shipped too. I’d like to pursue stopping g them. I just don’t know how

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