New Tech Geek Inc

Roy –

Victim Location 32413

Total money lost $6,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 4/22/17 signed up with these people for security protection on my computer. Amount paid was $748.98 for life time coverage. In April 2018 was contacted they were going out of business and would reimburse the monies paid. After many calls and them working on my computer asked if I did on line banking. They could reimburse that way. Well being 77 years old I believed them. Signed into Wells Fargo bank for deposit. Typed in $750 as they said to do. As enter was submitted they added another zero to show $7500 which means I owed them now $6500 per their instructions. I was told to go to Walmart to buy gift cards, 6 for $1000 each and 1 for $500. What they did was transferred $7500 from my savings into my checking account. I believed it was $7500 deposited from them into my checking. So I went to Walmart to purchase gift cards for $6500 to give them. They said they work with Walmart on these gift cards. All along they were taking me for $6500. These people are crooks.

In a couple days I called them for reimbursement of the original $748.98. They told me their refunds were in $2000 amounts so if I send them $1000 in Walmart gift cards they would reimburse a check in $2000. Told them no thanks in so many words. They continued to call me for several days until I had my son get on the phone. He told them they were crooks scamming the elderly and hoped they wound up in jail. These people are big time crooks and need to be investigated by police in New York.

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