Mary –

Victim Location 46965

Total money lost $135

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was in the hospital and some how hey got my card number and started taking money just small amounts out of my account. the first withdraw came the day after I was woke up from a induced coma and taken off of a ventilator. I had been on it for 3 days and in the hospital with mrsa pneumonia for a week and would be hospitalized for almost 2 months so there was no way I could have given anyone permission to get into my account. I don’t have much but when I started feeling better after I got home I noticed that the money was coming out every month so when I called they said they could not give me any information with out my card number when I said no they told my to contact my bank who knew nothing. until I went to the bank and they looked it up an the company is on the fraud list or scam list some thing like that.

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