Noble Maltese Home / Harry Maguire

Aimee –

Victim Location 68128

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My first communication began 2/19/19. I had contacted the site in regards to purchasing a Tea Cup Maltese from them. The cost was $550.00 and they wanted it in E-bay gift cards. I questioned this and they assured me it was the best and fasted way to get the process moving. I waiting till March 26th to contact them again to verify the puppy was still available. I got the E-bay gift cards has instructed and they assured me again it was all on the up and up and this was not a scam. I requested a video of the dog as proof which I did receive. The next was the shipping company (Lion Heart Pet Delivery). The owner Harry said they would be handling the shipping and delivery of the puppy, "Faith". Lion Heart request $ 750.00 for the pet refundable insurance to cover any issues on the trip. Again they requested E-bay gift cards. Which I had to contact the sellers to pay them and they would in turn pay Lion Heart. I could not believe this still questions this process and the scam option. Still telling me no this is not a scam. So I once again paid as requested and received confirmation she was boarding. The next morning I wake to and email that there was and issue and she needed a different create and wanted $ 825.75. Said I needed to pay for a better create before they would continue the process and said I would be refunded the money for the create when she was delivered. Then I got a email that the puppy was sick needed IV fluids,Muli Energetic Vaccine, Multi Vitamin a, b and C grand total $870.26. And this continue till i ran out of funds to send and told them I was contacted the and any internet scam site to help me.

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