Number Verification Center

Carrie –

Victim Location 46107

Type of a scam Phishing

A woman named Tiana called and said she was calling to verify my number for a company I "do business with". She started off by saying, "Hello, is this ___ ___". To which I said, "This is her." She then proceeds to tell me she is calling from a company that verifies numbers of customers for a business. I ask what business, and she said she cannot tell me the name. She said she could have them contact me if I would like. Unfortunately I was getting my kids out of the car and was not thinking. I responded with yes, so if they are scamming, they now have my response. When I called the number back, it said "Hello, thank you for calling Indiana University Health. You have reached an invalid number." I couldn’t find the number listed for IU health anywhere. It sounds like a complete scam to me.

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