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Marcus –

Victim Location 95125

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Thanks for your response,

below is a translation of my original letter to you

Kindly accept my sincere apologies for my mode of contacting you out of the blues like this but something very urgent and important has come to our notice and we believe it is important we seek your consent for the mutual interest of all.

I am James Katsuya Nakano, Corporate Director NYK Finance (U.K.) Plc and personal funds manager to late Mr Hiroshi Itow a Japanese national. He died recently along with his wife and only son while holidaying in Burma and was flown back to England for burial. In our last auditing, we discovered a dormant account of his with GB £*** (Twenty Eight Million Eight Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand British Pounds Sterling Only) in his name.

During our investigations we discovered he nominated his son as his next of kin. All efforts to trace his other relations have proved impossible. The Japanese Embassy UK couldn’t trace any of the deceased relations. The account has been dormant for a long time since his death. Therefore we decided to contact you, to seek your consent to enable us nominate you as the next of kin to the deceased and transfer the funds to you as the designated next of kin to the deceased.

With the consent of our late client’s solicitors, they shall confirm you as the next of kin; sole beneficiary to the deposit/funds to authorise funds transfer to you. After transfer of funds to your favour, you shall retain 60%, and 38% ours, 2% set aside for expenses both parties might incur (if any) during or after the transaction.

We have all the relevant details about the deceased, which shall enable us claim the fund successfully. Your positive response will be highly appreciated to enable us favour you with a draft application/account details of the deceased for submission to Santander Bank PLC to authenticate the claim to the deceased’s estate.

I will not fail to assure you of the sincerity of purpose as this does not burden around conscience. By virtue of my profession, let me take this opportunity to inform you that there is no risk involved as I have my integrity, personality and family to protect.

Remember to always keep this information Confidential.

Should This Business Transaction Be Of Interest To You And You Would Like To Request A Copy Of Draft Application To Proceed, Please Contact Me Via Email

Please Find Attached Hiroshi’s Last Account Statement And His Official Death Certificate.

James Katsuya Nakano

NYK Finance (U.K.) Plc

25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London,

England, E14 5LQ. United Kingdom

Tel:+44 7341401119

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