Quality All Life Specialists

Kelly –

Victim Location 04039

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Phone X818 – Claiming to be specialist with elder folks. They called to tell me that my Primary Care (is how they used it – not with Dr.) had given them my name, etc. to call me as I needed help. They mention Prosthetics, at one point – Bathroom completely made over as well. He got into Arthritis – of course, what older person doesn’t have! They could not tell me my Dr’s name – said they only have the request. I asked where they were located: ‘Wisconsin’ ….. He did not know much about me only what my Dr. supposedly sent.

I handled it but It is scary that it can really reach a person who would go along with the request.

Of course my Dr. never called them – nor would she call anyone without my knowledge before hand.

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