Quality Publications

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 75206

Type of a scam Employment

I did not proceed with this, but having received similar offers in the past & after reading about them on the internet, learned of the scams that they were involved in. For instance as in this same case, advance payment, opportunity to make lots of quick cash. Little time invested toward the endeavor. All for a minimal investment by the recipient of a meager $99.00. Refundable to the sender if not satisfied. As in the previous cases I researched the money wasn’t able to be recovered by the sender, they didn’t make any money & so on & so on. So anytime I receive this kind of obvious scam I am willing to report.

Leah –

Victim Location 38901

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

They have scammed me out of $500.when you call it forward your call

Holly –

Victim Location 29624

Type of a scam Employment

I received a postal letter from *** *** about a stuffed envelope work from home job where I could make so much money stuffing envelopes from home, but the catch was I had to see a processing or start up fee before they could send me the envelopes, letters, etc stating I could earn up to 5000 a month doesn’t sound right I have to send money to make money.

Joe –

Victim Location 01904

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Employment

They claim to be a legitimate business, but they lie. They claim to pay you $10 to stuff and mail Letters, including the postage. They charge a processing fee of $99, $149, $199, or $299 as a processing fee. They claim to refund you after 9 weeks. But it is also written that they reimburse you the postage after 9 weeks. Get it. They provide postage, but they reimburse you. Something’s radically wrong.

Stephanie –

Victim Location 94506

Type of a scam Employment

I want to know if this business is legal.

Received recruitment letter to work at home. Job is to staple 17 pages together to make a booklet, and get paid $1,000.00 for every 50 booklets stapled, to work on 3 to 6 hours/week. You’ll make more money if you staple more booklets.

There’s no registration fee but need to pay Refundable fee of $99.00 with an option to double for potential double income. Fees are payable by check, money order or cash. If paying in check, materials will not be shipped unless their bank cleared the check.

Isaac –

Victim Location 85705

Type of a scam Employment

The postal mailing offered a chance to earn $2,500 or more weekly by assembling at home booklets to mail. The applicant has to send in $99 refundable fee to get started. It has many details, including needing space in your home to assemble the booklets, somewhere like a kitchen table. There is no way to contact them by email or phone to verify anything. On their scant website, there is a map of where they are in Phoenix, but that is all.

Frank –

Victim Location 90044

Type of a scam Charity

Quality Publications Decides their business Will Be Saving Money On Office Space But Can Afford To Pay You 1000 To 5000 A week For Stuffing Envelopes Of 1000 To 5000; Which the Mailing Program Don’t Even Profit That Much Money On Their Advertising And Orders From their Providing Customers.

Lydia –

Victim Location 98661

Type of a scam Employment

They give you one # with a recorded message. They say you will receive a phone # for your coach after you send your 100,00

Dollar enrollment fee.

Noah –

Victim Location 14225

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Employment

This company makes promises to pay their "workers" for stuffing envelopes! They promise to pay $10.00 per envelope mailed out!

Through some clever wording [watch out for it], what they are actually promising is $10.00 for each mailing that they RECEIVE A RESPONSE TO!! [I know if it sounds to good to be true….]

I noticed this too late and had already paid the "nominal" upfront fee [$99.00] to make sure you are serious about doing the work. They say that they will reimburse postage after nine weeks with the program. I have forked out more money on postage, copies, envelopes and buying their address labels. Checks were supposed to be paid out to me weekly!

Since I was already committed I decided to mail out some envelopes, I mailed out my first 100 envelopes on August 23, 2018 and another 100 on September 23, 2018, thus far I have received exactly $0 from these people!!

I would be willing to bet that this company almost NEVER sends any money out, they are in business of reaping in their ill-gotten gains from people they have duped!

I decided not to send out any further envelopes, spending money on postage until I received a check from these people…I’m still waiting!!

I never expect to see anything from them at this point! I will chalk this up to a mistake that I won’t repeat!


Caroline –

Victim Location 95835

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company mails out job opportunities then asks for a start up fee of $99.00 to be a part of their business. Which totally unacceptable and fraudulent.

Ian –

Victim Location 06511

Type of a scam Employment

Received a letter saying that I can make up to $5,000.00 a day stuffing envelopes at home receiving $10.00 for every envelope I stuff. They will provide the envelopes, names, postage, and letters, that I’ll be mailing for them. And at the end I was asked to pay a certain amount depending on how much I wanted to make as follows :

Income Group #1(Earn $990) Fee is $99.00

Income Group #2 (Earn $1490) Fee is $149.00

Income Group #3 (Earn $1990) Fee is$199.00

Income Group #4 (Earn $3490) Fee is $299.00

Income Group #5(Earn $5,000) Fee is $399.00

This income group is only $299 for those who started with income group #4 and received 5 paychecks. Earning potential is $5,000.00 weekly. They send 500 letters, 500 envelopes, and 500 mailing labels. "OUR BEST PRICED GROUP" MONEY BACK QUARENTEE

Derek –

Victim Location 75422

Type of a scam Employment

Received letter promising $20.00 for stapling 17 pages and mailing them. Wanted $99.00 fee to get started. I am 62 but not stupid. Want to warn this is not legit. Please throw letters in trash!! Gives no phone number

Kristin –

Victim Location 15367

Total money lost $99

Type of a scam Employment

I wanted to start working with Quality Publications because they offered a lot of income a week. In the original letter they sent me to start working, it asked for a payment of in which they would send me all the materials and supplies I would need to start stapeling and mailing out pamphlets. After sending my payment, I received a package in the mail with a new letter saying I would have to make individual copies of all pamphlets, when before they told me they would have all the individual papers ready for me to just put in order and staple together. They expect you to go to make hundred of copies of paper on your own time with your own money. Not even just that, what they neglect to tell you is that you have to pay to get names and addresses of people to ask them to order these pamphlets. The only way you make money is if after all of that someone decides they want to purchase a pamphlet. By this time, you’ve already spent so much tome making copies, paying for all the materials, paying for people’s information. It is absurd and not how the initial letter said the business would be like at all. I am very displeased and feel thoroughly scammed.

Randi –

Victim Location 92549

Type of a scam Employment

Dear Sirs/Madam,

I received this employment application in the mail yesterday. I am unemployed and need work & the idea of stuffing 149 envelopes & making $10 per envelope appealed greatly as a Home Based Business;However they require advance fees mailed directly or made on internet to them. Can you tell me whether or not this is a legitimate Business?

Would the prospective list of "mail ees" be coming from my knowledge sources?

I do not understand how the pay could be that good.

Is this some type of Multi-level Marketing scheme/scam?

Upon calling the main Business #, only a Voicemail, which discouraged me from trying to speak to a live person & encoraged use of their e-mail address for ?’s re/employment with them.

Don’t have spare $ to send advance fee, if this is a scam.

Could you please help me find out?



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