Quick PC Resolve

Philip –

Victim Location 97045

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a telephone message in a cultivated British voice stating I should call back immediately regarding computer security. When I did the person I talked to said someone, could be overseas agents, were attempting to gain access to my computer and that my IP address had been compromised. I gave them access to my computer and they "transferred" me to Quick PC Resolve, which loaded two pieces of security software and a cleaner software. The charge was $300 for that and a year of ability to contact the company for further security assistance. I opted to pay by check instead of credit card (thank heavens I at least had that much sense!). After consulting friends, I called them back to say I didn’t want their services and wasn’t going to pay. The person on the phone (other than the initial message, everyone I spoke to seemed to have a heavy Indian accent) became argumentative and said I had contacted them, not the other way around. I disconnected at that point. Have been watching my financial and other accounts and have changed some passwords.

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