Quicklocksmith247.com or 247LoyalService

Kara –

Victim Location 33901

Total money lost $170

Type of a scam Other

I’m a student from Florida who’s currently interning in DC. I called a business called quicklocksmith247.com after getting locked out of my apartment and told them I have a simple lock. I was told it would be a $15 service fee as well as a 35 minimum fee and if complications arose it may be more. My brother who is in Florida gave his card number over the phone after he was told it wouldn’t be more than $60 they took the card number down before sending an individual out. The man came looked at the door sprayed lubricant and unlocked the door in less than 2.5 seconds turned around and told me it was $220. 5x the price for a simple lock with ZERO COMPLICATIONS. This was not a late night call as I called to have this done at 8:30 pm. Since they already had the card number they could literally charge whatever it is they wanted to. I spoke to the man in front of me and he admitted that the site itself is misleading as well as whatever the person my brother and I talked to said but he still felt inclined to charge 5 times the amount we were quoted for. So it is clear we were taken advantage of. I called after and spoke to someone who claimed to be a manager (which she lied about) she was rude and told me that since he sprayed lubricant into the door knob that constituted the amount charged even though that is normal practice for getting a residential lock unlocked. She then told me a manager will call me within 15 minutes, nearly 12 hours later I have yet to receive that phone call. My brother called as well they gave him the run around and told him he would receive a call back, that call never came. At the end of the day no one deserves this sort of treatment or to be scammed his bank is disputing the charge that is under the name "247 loyal service" and we will take this to court if we must to keep this from happening again to others.

Below is a photo of my door knob.

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