U.S. Grant Dept . Health and Human Services

Melody –

Victim Location 71118

Type of a scam Government Grant

I Received a call stating I had been selected to receive a government Grant for 9700.00 …. in cash … thru Money gram ( Wal-Mart) or Western Union … I would 1st have to purchase a gift card for 250.00 to cover fees for a cash payout over 2500.00 … the grant never had to be repaid and is tax free ….. I was given a 10 digit tacking code and a Grant I.D. number …. next I was given another phone Number to contact his Supervisor who would activate the Grant I.D.# .

Ok … the Grant Dept .. does not call you to offer you a Grant.. there are several forms you have to submit and a process for this .. simply put .. getting the call to initialize a Grant is reason enough to know it is a scam… next … you’ll never have to Pay a fee to receive money …

He told me he was in the eastern time zone … area code 206 is Washington state … Hmmmm ??

All in all they make it sound very good try to get you all excited with your good fortune … Bam ! ..your hooked … these men and women have a Pakistani or India accent …

If it sounds too good to be true , you can pretty much believe ….

IT IS NOT !!!!

THANKS… and be careful .. don’t offer or give them any information about you at all .. no other phone numbers .. S.S.#.. address…I.D. or licence numbers ..and block the numbers they call you from… ????

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