Uassa Petship Home Delivery

Samantha –

Victim Location 58047

Total money lost $415

Type of a scam Other

I was initially contacted by a woman Shantal. Her text title always said Shantal and Family. Her cell phone use was only texting and the number is 2075783138. She told me she needed to find a home for her puppy right away. The same day she contacted me she went to transfer ownership into my name. I was then told to wire money to Cameroon only $65. Then when apparently the puppy was in transit I was to pay an insurance fee of $330. I did that because the shipping company reminded me that I own the dog. Even though I felt that this was wrong I was hoping that they were telling me the truth so I paid the "insurance fee". Next they told me the puppy was in Nebraska, now I needed to pay the fee to make sure North Dakota didn’t hold the puppy in quarantine. They kept reassuring me that all my money would be refunded back to me. I needed to pay $1220 or so. That is where I have stopped. I talked with a friend and she told me absolutely not, and then I realized I never signed any papers for a puppy and I haven’t even seen any papers.

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