Union Finance Group

Hector – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 43228

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I filled out a loan application online. Then on March 3, 2020, I got a call from 888-342-5113. I spoke to Saundra Collins with Union Finance Group. She said I had been approved for a $5000 loan, but that we would have to send in $450 because our credit wasn’t very good, and that would take us up to November’s payment. She said to wire the money. I went to Giant Eagle on W Broad St, Columbus, OH in Lincoln Village. I sent the MoneyGram to Andrew Wilkins, Ontario, Canada. I got home, and called her and gave her the tracking numbers. She assured me the money would be in my account within 3-4 hours. But 15 minutes later she called back, adn asked for an additional $450. I told her I couldn’t keep sending her money. She said she guaranteed this was the last payment I would have to make, because my credit was so bad. I drove back to Giant Eagle, and used MoneyGram to send an additional $450 to Adam Barnes, Ontario, Canada. Then I went home, I called and gave ehr the wiring numbers. And she assured me the money would be in my account within a couple of hours. I called back, and said the money is not in my account. She said, I was just getting ready to call you because we need an additonal $500 because of their insurance policy. I said what insurance policy. She said because we have to take insurance out on your husband in case something would happen to him, to insure the loan would be paid off. She gave me an insurance policy number. She told me to send the $500. I drove to CVS at 4801 W Broad St, Columbus, OH. There’s a self serve Moneygram machine. I entered my information in. I sent the $500 to Matthew Olson in Canada.

I drove home and called her with the number. On Monday, I called her, and she said I needed to send another $500. She kept saying my credit was bad. I drove back to CVS. The clerk asked if I knew the person, I said I was taking out a loan, so I sent $500 to Amanda Saunders, Canada. I called her back with the tracking number. I told her I was out of money and really needed the money. She promised to give me back the transfer fees too. She put me on hold. She said I owe another $565. I said we are broke. She said what can you come up with by the weekend. I called her on Monday. Then said my supervisor said she would pay the $165, and all I would have to pay was $400 because my credit was bad. So, on 3.19.20, I drove back to CVS, a clerk asked if I knew the person, I said yes, I’m getting a loan. She said "I ain’t never heard of paying to get a loan". I told her that we’re trying to get a bigger loan, and that’s what I was told to do. The clerk insisted she had never heard of this. But I sent it anyway to Jonathan Adams, Canada. I called back with the tracking number. She said, OK I’ll take care of the rest, and the money wille in the account in an hour. I kept calling the bank asking if a check had been deposited. I called Saundra every day for a week, and never could reach her. So on the 7th day, I pressed a different extention, and spoke to David. He was African American. He said just a minute, let me see if I can get a loan from another company. He said I could pay $400 or wait till 4.1.20. On 4.1.20, nothing was in our account, so I called back. When I did, the recording said "invalid entry". My husband is a Captain in the Army. I spent my Social Security checks.

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