United legal partners

Luke –

Victim Location 56444

Type of a scam Debt Collections

About 1 year ago I received 3 phone calls stating that there was a complaint against me. They would not describe the complaint and would not send me a letter with the information. Today I received a letter stating that I have a credit card account from 203 to 2006 that is in collections. When I called the HSBC credit card company, they have no record of the account number included in the letter. I have checked my credit report and there is no record of me having an account with this credit card company. There are no accounts in collection. I believe this is a scam. They also spelled my name wrong.

Misty –

Victim Location 48042

Type of a scam Debt Collections

XXX CXXX United legal partners. They contacted me in regards to a debt that i (DONT) owe and gave me a case number. I told them that they had the wrong woman social security number and address. They proceeded to call my parents home as well. I called back after doing some research to tell them that I was aware that this was a scam . As well, I proceeded to tell him that I went on to the internet and saw they have tried to scam multiple people . Some elderly people will fall for this trick. They need to be investigated

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