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Victim Location 78258

Type of a scam Employment

I wrote this story because I care about people so they don’t become victims of scam and fraud, especially for stay at home moms who are seeking employment to help the household. These scam artists should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting us!

I was contacted initially by a person named Clarissa in early October 2016, who claimed to be the Assistant Director of the United Medical Services located overseas in Kuwait. She said they’ve received my job resume via Indeed job board. I typically don’t received text messages from unknown employer so I just ignored her text messages. Several weeks later, I received the same text message and this time she sent me additional information on the person I need to contact for the position. She asked me to create a hangout account and contact Ms. Leeann (HR from United Medical Services). I did reach out to Ms. Leeann and she provided me with mission and history of the company and conducted a 2 hour interview for a work from home position.

My initial thought is that this is quite informal and if I was a company I wouldn’t just hire someone based on responses that I receive from back and forth IM messages. It was a lengthy interview, she asked me for my age, sex and location which typically is not how you open up with an interview with a job candidate. She then asked me additional questions on whether I have the equipment (scanner, fax, printer) at the house. She asked me for my availability for different shifts (part-time morning/afternoon, full time morning & afternoon) and I had told her that I would like to work just part time but she told me that I am scheduled to work part-time but added 3 extra hours to my shift). She told me that the company offers benefits after 90 days of employment and inquired whether I’ll be using these benefits as a single person or for my family. I really want to tell her that’s none of her business but I politely said that I will be considering the benefits after the probation period. She then asked me what’s my definition of privacy and code of conduct (or what seemed like legitimate healthcare questions) but they were all intended to gain my trust in her. She introduced herself as Leeann, 62 years female and worked at the HR department. When I asked her since the company is located in Kuwait, does she work in the US or overseas she avoided the question by answering that the company is expanding to the US region and that in 3 months there will be an office setup near me. She informed me that the pay rate would be $20 during training and $30 afterward. The only requirement for this work from home position is 1) 18 years old 2) US or Canadian citizenship 3) No criminal record. This sounds too good to be true. The last question she inquired was which bank that I’m using (she diffused my concern by stating that she’s not inquiring my bank account information) she just need it for her secretary to note it to see if it’s aligned with her company in order to setup my direct deposit or issue me a paycheck. I only told her that I bank through Bank of America and did not provide her with any specific account information. She asked me to wait on her while she reach out to her company directors on my interview responses to make hiring decision. After 20 minutes or so, she was back online and told me that I scored 7/10 on the hiring questionnaire (whatever that means) and that I was highly qualified and hired.

She tried to establish credibility by providing me with detailed information on the remaining onboarding process. She informed me that I will be assigned a supervisor that I have to submit my daily work log, she told me that in order to perform the job that I need 30 different accounting software, I will be issued an Apple laptop to perform my job, I will be in one week job training. etc.. I was overwhelmed by the list of accounting software that I need to perform the job, she said the company’s accounting department will issue me a check via FedEx and I would have to purchase the work materials at their selected vendor. After I deposit the check and purchase the equipment, I will start orientation and I will receive an offer letter during that period. I thought it was very odd that the offer letter would come afterward. We ended the conversation with me letting her know that I was excited to be offered this opportunity and that I would log onto hangout everyday at 8am so she can update me on the status. The very next day, I log on exactly at 8am but she wasn’t online till 8:30am (my pet peeve is punctuality) and asked me to verify my home address after I just verified on the day that I interviewed with her. She told me that there was an issue with the accounting department and that I would receive the check in two days. She provided me with a tracking number to ensure that I receive the check, I went to pick it up at the leasing office and she seemed really in a hurry for me to deposit the issued cashier’s check at my bank. It was insulting to me that she commented several times "you should be able to deposit the check at the ATM with no problem right?" after I told her that I’m capable of doing such task. I had mixed feelings, it’s exciting to know that I have gained a good paying job but at the same time my gut feeling told me that this is too good to be true. I spoke with my family about this situation and I told them there were so many red flags associated with this new "job opportunity". I went to my bank and I didn’t listen to Leeann who kept harassing me to get a status update. She thought I would be naïve to just go to the bank and deposit the check. I went to my own bank and told the rep about my situation, she advised me to contact the credit union that issued the check. The credit union rep told me the cashier’s check is not valid (FAKE). I went back to the bank and told the rep about the outcome and then went over to the police department to file a report.

I feel fortunate that I didn’t lose any money in this scam, but I learned a valuable lesson that no matter how desperate you are in seeking a job and securing yourself financially do you homework and ask a lot of questions before you make any commitment to any someone.

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