United Nations Office of International Oversight Services Internal Audit Monitering Consulting and Investigations Division

Wayne –

Victim Location 63601

Total money lost $200,000

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I was contacted because I was the victim of a scam. There was a letter delivered by the post office from Benin a sister country

of Nigeria. This was around 2009. After sending monies I was contacted because I was on a list of people scam by Nigeria.

Soon I began paying fees for Nigerian Goverment Officials, Then it was taxes and a sum to be awarded then one agency after another.

I sent money for years. As recently as Jan 2018. I had 9.8 million in a fake bank account and I was told to transfer it into my bank.

All the money was fake, I checked with the New York Bank Mellon. The account did not exist and the Bank manager was not an


I do not have a total amount lost it was large. I am filing for bankruptcy because of this and my lawyer told me this was a white collar


I am retired and my wife is disabled.

I need information about who to contact with more information.

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