United Nations Peacekeeper Afghanistan Col. Gregory Fall Raleigh NC

Jaclyn –

Victim Location 43315

Type of a scam Romance

Friended on Facebook, United Nations Peacekeeper, Afghanistan, Col. Gregory Fall, Raleigh NC. Chatted on Hangouts. Wanted to send cash that was a benefit from a mission. Sent in a metal medical supply box and was stopped in Dubai UAE because they wanted to inspect it. I would have to pay for a non inspection certificate @ $23.800. He wanted me to pay half. I have emails I could forward if my information remains private. There are two shipping companies in the emails and it was to be delivered by diplomatic courier: Msa Companies ltd. Northwest Delivery Logistics. 436 E. 11th Street NY NY, 11 Jamesway Marshall Court Milton Keynes MK1 1 SU UK.  I’m beyond frightened. He said I would be arrested if the box we’re opened. 

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