Unleashed music

Marisa –

Victim Location 90292

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I would like to report a fraudulent business operated by Geordie Gillespie, a so called PR which has been collecting money from music artists since 1988 – now through PayPal – and has been requesting all artists to place the payment as “Family and friends” rather than “Pay for good and services” avoiding any taxation on his business.

I’ve been scammed by this so called music PR called Geordie Gillespie and his company Unleashed Music. On August 22nd 2019 I submitted a payment for a 4 months campaign to be started on the same day to promote my upcoming music album as a recording artist .

The payment, as per Geordie request, was made through PayPal and he specifically requested to have the money transferred to his account as "friends and family" instead of paying for goods or services.

After two months and several emails with Geordie, I came to the conclusion that the guy was doing absolutely nothing for my campaign. I’ve attached to this email evidence of our email correspondence and

the contract he sent me on August including all the services he was supposed to provide, I also attached to this email a screenshot of the transaction made through PayPal using 2 credit cards to split the total amount of $4000.

Unfortunately, due to the smart move made by Geordie – asking me to send the money as "friends and family"  – PayPal now is washing their hands clean on this, and are not willing to file a claim for this transaction so I ended up filing a claim with my bank, which is having trouble getting any response from PayPal for the same reason. I’m very much negatively impressed by the fact that PayPal allows this individual to run a fictitious business and has been operating since 1988 collecting money without paying any tax. I can only imagine how many people he has been scamming so far.

Upon research, I could not find evidence of any legal license to operate a business related to Geordie Gillespie nor Unleashed Music , does not have any physical address for his company and the only contact I have is his email, phone number, online links to his company and PayPal address.

That said, please find below the contacts I have for Geordie Gillespie

Geordie’s phone number 310.890.5895

[email protected]

[email protected] – assistant

http://unleashedmusic.com/   – official website

[email protected] – PayPal account

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