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Kevin – Jan 28, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1-605-517-3270, Cell-1-862-261-0258

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 6624 Valley HI DR, Sacramento, CA 95823-4602

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

On September 25th of 2019 I reached out to Halicia Y. Perkins of Hypress Global Financial P.O. Box 9107 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 – [email protected] – 858-832-3466 –, through the LinkedIn website about using here services in obtaining my “Pre-Construction” loan for $14 million.
Mrs. Perkins introduced a lender US Energy Global Finance 6624 Valley HI DR, Sacramento, CA 95823-4602 – [email protected] – 1-605-517-3270, Cell-1-862-261-0258, too me. The CEO of this company is Alifeleti Kaufana Vaitululala:

I was told there was an Upfront Fee requirement of $14,000.00, which was refundable to process this loan and no more additional costs would be required. When communicating with the Ali – the CEO I had informed him about my requirements in having this loan to be deposited into my Costa Rican bank account. I provided him with the bank’s stringent requirements for depositing such funds into my account, which I was told “No problem. The Upfront Fees were paid. The loan was processed and I was sent a confirmation of the bank wire from BofA. The wire was never received by my Costa Rican bank. Delays were accumulating and then I was told by Ali an Insurance Policy of $22,000.00 needs to be obtained in order for this wire to be processed. This was after I received a copy of the BofA wire confirmation (see attached).
I did not have the funds to pay for this insurance policy so Mrs. Perkins provided the necessary funds for the policy, which I would be reimbursing her from the loan proceeds once I received the loan. The insurance policy was paid and the funds did not come into my Costa Rican bank account. The wire was not sent and I was told due to the demurrage penalties of $15,000.00 the wire could not be processed. I was asked to pay $2,750.00 of the $15,000.00, which was paid.
Several days passed and then the CEO informed me they are having difficulties in getting the funds into my CR bank. Ali said his attorney advised to go through their intermediary bank at Universal Offshore Bank. Once the funds are available at this new bank account, I could transfer to my CR bank by Swift.
Following the instructions from Ali I proceeded in opening up an account at Universal Offshore Bank –
Once the account was opened two deposits were made into the account totaling $14,000,000.00 for the loan. I could not send a wire from this account and needed a security code to finalize the wire. I contacted the bank, which is by email only and no phone number to call into and was informed I needed to pay for security codes to process the wires out of the account in the amount of $7,300.00. The payment was made and I received the security code. I began to send several wires out of the new account, which were never received. I contacted the bank and Ali as well about the wires not being received. The bank contacted me and said “Due to multiple wire transfer made out of your account without validation has made the IRS place a red flag on wire transfers”.
The bank said the account was blocked and disabled. A few days passed and I was contacted by the bank letting me know the account will be unlocked and reactivated, which will cost an additional $19,500.00.
I informed Ali about this charade and I refused to pay any more funds toward this loan and told him I think this is a Scam, which he denies.

Then Ali informs me that this loan is being funded using Crypto currency and this is the cost of doing business in the crypto banking. This information was NEVER disclosed to me.

I do not know if Ali is behind this bank but I am not able to access any of the loan proceeds. Since then the bank has stopped communicating with me and the CFO has removed his Linkedin page and contacts.


Mr. Lovison
CR Ventures

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Joshua –

Having been in a similar situation, mine solved already. I’d advice you follow up on a forensic recovery process to recover your lost upfront funds from this loan scammer.
Write with details to [email protected]
They should help you out too.

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