US Goverment Grant Office

Monica –

Victim Location 99208

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a phone call from an unknown phone number but I took the call which I normally I don’t do. They said they were with the US Government Office and I had been selected to receive a free grant via Western Union, or go to a walmart, Walgreens and some other places I hadn’t heard of. They said it was from the census last year and that because I paid my taxes on time and didn’t have a bankruptcy or I wasn’t a criminal and that is why I had been chosen. I took the Grant Activation #AS088 and then they told me I had to call 631-570-8491 and because the guy sounded foreign and I didn’t recognize the area code I have not called it as I didn’t want to be charged a lot of money for making a phone call that could possibly be out of the country. This sounds like a big scam.

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