US government processing admin

Jimmy –

Victim Location 42503

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received 3 calls before answering because it was an odd phone number. upon answering he explains that he is with the US Government Grant Administration, which I had applied for so I was thinking legit. he gave me a grant activation code which was a 5 digit code. He tells me that since we hadn’t filed bankruptcy, paid our payments on time for the last 6 months that we qualify for a $7,900 grant. He knew all my information…so thinking legit again. He then gave me a phone number to call in order to activate my grant money. 1-360-203-0371…so I call and a lady answers she explains the same things to me again and tells me that in order for me to not pay taxes on the $7,900 was to go and buy a $200 ITunes card, which we got to keep afterwards. So a refundable $200, making the grant $8,100. She tells me that there is a certain card that I had to buy and when I got to the store to call her and she would walk me step by step how to purchase the ITunes card and if I chose I could get my grant money right then through a money gram and she would stay on the line with me until my transaction went through. Looking this up its saying its a scam but what if it was real?????

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