US Tech

Albert –

Victim Location 38122

Type of a scam Phishing

Email said to call to unsubscribe and notified me I had a refund coming. They overpaid a fake refund on a fake site that looked like my bank’s official site. Said his bank and my bank were now linked and wanted me to immediately go to a Target and he would tell me what to do when I got there. I hung up on him and went to my bank instead. My bank showed no link and no transactions that day. He called 10 times from a California number. I didn’t answer any of them. He left one voicemail telling me to answer my phone NOW. He also put "Sir, answer your phone" in large letters on my computer screen. I uninstalled a program called TeamViewer that was put on my computer that day (11/08/19) blocked his number and haven’t received any more calls or email.

Katie –

Victim Location 10573

Type of a scam Phishing

Caller kept asking if I could hear him; I ultimately said "yes" then the caller hung up.

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