Maurice –

Victim Location 98208

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My son Mike Curtis was called from both phones #’s in Texas and a call from New York saying Jacklyn Curtis owed them money for a loan she got, I never got a loan from Texas or New York. I have not gotten a loan from any company on over 20 years. They did not call me, just my son, Mike Curtis. When I called the phone #’s listed I got an Arabic speaking man and could only understand us when asking for the name of the company. Gave my phone. I want them to stop calling Mike Curtis and I do not owe this money.

Devin –

Victim Location 90045

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted about this at home job shipping goods overseas. My resume was found according to the email I received. I was emailed later that I was hired and given a website to log onto. It used my email and their password. It would tell me a package was coming in…I would click received and it would give me a pdf download for a shipping label. This was to another name with a different US Postal Address.I knew at this point it was a scam and I have read about quite a few since. This is the only one Ive seen with the web address log in to receive and ship packages.

I called LAPD and emailed an IC3.

Here is their info, possibly?

companys_address: Office 573, 101 Thomson Road, United Square, #06-01/06, Singapore, 307591

companys_phone: USA: +1 (619) 821-2540

TOLL-FREE: +1 (888) 484-3578

hrs_name: Selesta Chua

hrs_phone: +1 (607) 358-5573

hrs_email: [email protected]

finance_email: [email protected]

supervisors_name: Gemmie Ami

supervisors_phone: +1 (607) 301-0952

supervisors_email: [email protected]

Please save this information for future reference.

Also, if any urgent inquiries, try Operations Dept hotline (559) 717-8072, there’d be agent Petra on charge. If she’s not available, feel free to leave a VM.

Jacquelyn –

Victim Location 83221

Type of a scam Government Grant

Phone call with one person (East Indian accent) – gave me a grant ID number then instructed me on all the information I needed to do. Then transferred me to a manager, another accented employee. He then instructed me to only use it to pay off debts and that the a different person will take my payment information and then put the funds into my account after I pay the application fee and to go to the store then pay $250.00 to get $14566.00. I asked why? If it is a grant it is free. Then he argued that it was an application fee. I told him I do not have the money for that. He enticed me with the grant of $14566.00. Then I said if it was a grant it would be free. I will not pay for it. Then he got upset and hung up. So I knew it was a scam. I did not pay the amount for the application fee. I figured it for a scam.

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