Christy –

Victim Location 36744

Type of a scam Online Purchase

YES, I consider myself a protective and savvy in online shopping since I had to learn a lot after paralysis in 2004! But, don’t we all until we fall prey to people who are better at taking our hard earned money than we are at spending it? And, to think that we complain more about the Government! I will start by saying that I was fortunate enough to have gone through PayPal and saw enough red flags soon enough that I threw in the towel and I did get my money back. I just hope that PayPal didn’t have to take the loss.

So, I saw this beautiful quilt and I can’t stress that enough, just in every way advertised on Facebook! It was geared to the fact that I’m an Alabama fan, but on their website they appealed to all the fanbase. It seemed to be made from various T-shirts and grouped together with yarn snipped off so it was fluffy between the shirts! A quilt that ANY fan would love or enjoy giving to a football fan! And, for $79.95, you want to love than fan quite a bit! I debated until I finally gave in and ordered it in September hoping to have it by Christmas for my husband. The site said it was on-hand, but that processing & shipping can take 6-8 weeks. Within a week of placing the order, I received an email requesting my address for shipment. Now I know that going through PayPal my address and any vital information required is provided and I’m not about to give additional information. So, I started checking on my status and I initially received an email saying that it was sent out for production (even though the quilt was on-hand), so I requested to cancel the order in late October to no avail. I finally filed a dispute through PayPal and received my refund in late November. Well, lo and behold, in end of December/early January, I received a small package with no invoice….Just the most hideous looking quilt I have ever seen in my life! Now, I’ve been trying to figure out how and where to return this item to, all the while feeling remorseful that by me filing a dispute that I have possibly caused someone to lose sight of their dreams of business ownership or livelihood to go down the tubes and I come across ALL of the warnings and realize that I have nothing to feel bad about EXCEPT for this piece of material they referred to as a "quilt" in a small green bag!

The important facts of may case are out of the list provided by the on the names associated with this scam, I’ve seen at least 4 of them between my order, emails and my PayPal transaction and yet, I only placed ONE order!

Order placed through UScrafta

Email came from Sophia (Ecrafta)

ID on email shows as

PayPal transaction through Umovietee (as cosmetics)

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