Usel Consulting

Aaron –

Victim Location 34482

Type of a scam Tech Support

My father is regularly harassed by scammers wanting to access his computer. He has given them access on multiple occasions despite our continually telling him not to and has lost around $1k. In this latest scam, Candace from Usel Consulting called his home phone and left a message. She stated that his Windows Defender was not running and his computer was at risk. Unfortunately, he called her back and engaged in conversation. She asked for remote access to his computer, which he gave her. While she was in his computer, he called me to tell me what was going on. I immediately told him to turn off his computer, which he did. She called him numerous times harassing him and my mother and attempting to get back into his computer. He finally told her that he had spoken with me and he didn’t need her services. She insisted that I call her to talk about this because his computer was at risk and she was trying to fix it for him. I spoke with her – she was clearly from the USA (i.e. no accent) – and told me that she was working with the Attorney General’s Office of Florida to help people who have been scammed. She was only trying to help my dad. She sounded very legit (don’t they all!?) – but I told her thank you but he didn’t need any help. So she told him one story and me something completely different (clearly playing on our fears – him with a computer virus and me with my dad being scammed). I then accessed his computer and verified that Windows Defender was running properly – thus confirming that she was lying to him.

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