Randy –

Victim Location 45140

Type of a scam Government Grant

The phone rings. There is a big delay. They have been calling often, so I engaged to asked them to take me off their list. A man with a foreign accent (Indian, Pakistani or similar) gets on. I ask to be removed. He says hi Richard, which is not my name, you have been selected for a $9000 grant. I ask again to be removed. I call him a liar and he tells me to [censored] off and hangs up.

I also got a text from the number above – again addressing me with the name Richard. The text reads – Hi Richard, you are handpicked for a subsidy check to get a higher salary job. Receive grant. Go to >

I did not want to be recorded saying anything that can be used against me so I hung up before the crux of the scam was revealed.

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