vitruvian biomedical imposter

Preston – Apr 22, 2020

Victim Location 75048

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email suddenly from a company I had applied to months ago. They reached out to me with [email protected] telling me that my application had been pushed through and that I had an appointment. On the day of my appointment, I was contacted by [email protected] (I also found the person who’s image they were using and notified them of their image being abused.) I thought it was weird, but I had used hangout for other jobs, so I did not question it too much. The interview was over email, and when wrapped up she gave me an almost too good to be true offer. The big issue came from when she told me I needed to buy equipment, but that they will help pay for it. I thought this was weird at first but couldn’t find anything wrong with the company to validate my feelings. I have had my fair share of dances with illegitimate companies so that feeling I had never left. Over the next few days, I kept researching and eventually found a conversation on the that was identical to mine. With a stroke of luck, I was also able to get in touch with the CEO of the company, and he informed me that this was not new, and they were looking into who was doing this with the authorities. With that call, I cut all connection to who was contacting me and began taking the necessary safety steps. P.S. They never asked for money, and didn’t even take any weird information. They also used official-looking documents from the company.

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