Linda – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 07946

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was offered a job as a remote graphic designer. The interview was written. I got the job and was told that the company would send a check after signing the offer letter to purchase specific graphic design computers and software from an accredited vendor. When I asked about the vacation policy and specifics about the benefits there was nothing explained. The next day after signing the cover letter and sending copies of my SSN and drivers license this check came after I asked for a direct deposit of the money and no check to order the equipment. The address on the check did not match the company and did not even have the companies name on it. They wanted me to start the next day but the out of state check was not going to clear until 5 days later. They asked if I had money to pay the computer delivery company, at least half of the money the check would cover that was supposed to clear in a few days. The delivery man was said to be coming within an hour or two and I never received information on which products from the list were coming nor did I order anything. I asked if I had to pay the delivery man, they said yes. I said "how am I supposed to pay them" they responded with saying either the cash app or a certified check. I said: "I need to be able to confirm you say who you are before I move forward with this, if you can’t I quit". After that I received no more information. I called the company a couple times, every listed option on the recording did not let me have direct access to talk to a real person. Finally I did get threw to a very unprofessional sounding person. I asked if I could talk to the man I was talking to via google hangouts and the person on the phone asked if this was in regards to the linkedIn job scam. I hung up and took everything I had received from this company to my police dept.

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