Wal Mart Promotional Department

Derrick –

Victim Location 80210

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

T Mobile provided the phone number 866-866-6255 to file an insurance claim. The number was actually to a scam that said I won $100 gift card to wal mart (and gift cards to restaurants and other rebates). I said I wanted to talk about a broken phone and the guy said ok, let’s complete the gift certificate information and then we’ll deal with your phone. So, thinking this was legitimate since T Mobile provided the contact number, I participated. After they got my information, they hung up. When I called back, a woman answered saying that my "subscription" wasn’t in her system but that when anyone calls the number, it can reach any one of 25 promotional companies. So I continued to call back until I got ahold of the same person (very identifiable by an indian sounding accent, rudeness, and lots of noise in the background). I said I wanted to cancel my subscription and he hung up on me. This happened multiple times. One time, I talked to another person, a man, who said his company was "Discount Savings Advantage" located in Utah. I asked why they are misleading people. He said "you’re the one that chose to participate" and I said that that was because I was led to believe that this was part of my mobile company. He said, oh no, the number you are looking for is _____. When I called that number, it did, in fact, connect me to a phone company. So all of these people are knowingly operating a scam under the guise of a connection to a legitimate company. When I called back another time and talked to the original man, he said I needed to provide my credit card information in order to cancel my subscription. I said I didn’t have the credit card on me. He said any card will do. I said I’d like to talk to a supervisor. He said I don’t call my boss over to listen to people yell. (I wasn’t yelling). He then said "if you don’t want to give me credit card information, then enjoy all your charges!" and hung up. I called again and said I’d like to cancel my subscription and he tried to get me to sign up for another $100 wal mart gift card. I said no, I just want to cancel my subscription. He then asked how old I was because I sounded like I "wasn’t even 10." I asked what the cancellation process is, and he said, ok we’ll do that after you give me your confirmation number and personal information. I said no, I just want to understand how the cancellation process works. He hung up. Called back again (from a different phone because they blocked my number earlier) and said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Hung up again. Not sure what else to do except warn others of this scam and hope that someone can catch them and deliver some justice.

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