Walking Retailers selling Dish TV

Denise –

Victim Location 34285

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Representative from Walking Retailers came to my door promised $84.99 monthly bill locked in for two years. Said I could easily switch from DirecTV (which I have now) to Dish TV every two years and save money since they are "sister companies, not competitors." He also promised I would get MAVTV channel and said that the credit check they had to perform would only be a "soft" hit on my credit report. I wrote him a check for $50 for installation, which was scheduled for the next day.

Meanwhile, I did some research and found that Dish TV does NOT carry MAVTV channel. I had also received an email overnight from Dish TV saying my monthly bill would be $99. I investigated both companies (Dish TV and DirecTV) and found that they are NOT sister companies but are competitors. A few days later I got alerts from my credit card companies that the credit check they performed was a "hard" hit and reflected badly on my credit ratings.

I called the representative within 24 hours and he didn’t answer his phone but instead I got a message saying his voicemail hadn’t been set up yet. I texted him and said I was canceling the contract and requested he cancel the installation appointment. I didn’t hear from him so I called Dish TV directly to cancel the installation. The installers showed up anyway later that day. I had many texts back and forth with the representative whereby he stated he would return my $50 for the installation fee. That was almost a month ago and I still haven’t seen him with my money. He said he’s busy working – I said I know that he doesn’t work 24 hours a day and offered to meet him somewhere. I suggested he mail me a check. Still, nothing. I have gone to my local police department and have given them all the contact information for the representative who visited my home as well as his supervisor. I live in a restricted 55+ community, have a limited fixed income and this $50 means more to me than it can possibly mean to him. I need to let everyone know NEVER to do business with Walking Retailers. They will promise you everything and deliver nothing. Now I have (temporarily) lost $50, have a hard hit on my credit report for NO reason, and am faced with mountains of paperwork – but I WILL get my money back from someone. I’ve contacted Walking Retailers in Arizona but they have not returned my emails yet. The phone number on their website is a medical facility!!!

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