Walmart spy survey research consultants inc

Curtis –

Victim Location 30116

Type of a scam Phishing

Issued check and asked to deposit into my checking account and get cash and buy Walmart gift cards.

Tina –

Victim Location 77422

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Recieved a Prtority Mail Envelope in the mail. It contained the Survey and Research Document The word CONFIDENTIAL written diagonally in gray scale large letters. It also contained a cashiers check, made out to me for $2420.00. I was instructed to deposit or cash the check at my bank. When it cleared, I was to then go to Walmart and purchase 5 gift cards for $400.00 each. I was to keep the remaining $420.00 for my first payment and if I made the transaction within 2 days, I would receive a $150.00 Bonus check!

I was told to take a picture of each of the cards, front and back and scratch off the silver coating on the back to reveal the code.and the purchase receipts. I was told to keep the cards for my next assignment by comparing the service. I was to text immediately upon receipt of the check and instructions to the scammers phone number, and also after completion of the task, e mail and attach each of the photos of the cards, including sales receipts AND call the phone number. Then compose an e mail telling them about my experience purchasing the gift cards my EVALUATION in my own words. When everything is received by them, they will mail me my next assignment! That sums it up. The check will bounce, I will have to pay the bank back and somehow the scammers will clean out my account!

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