Mallory –

Victim Location 29406

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This is mixed up it started with a text saying I could participate in Walmart survey that would lead to me receiving amount of 300 from survey was from a Michael hutcherson. Then they told me I would receive it in mail today aug 6th which I did the same day the true green guy was scheduled to come to my house which I was at work he came around 2pm. Well the name on the envelope which seemed like a Copy and glued on tracking piece of paper came from a Paulette Castillo from Orlando Florida. Whom I looked up and she is also apart of truegreen who has a lot of my personal information. But the letter in the envelope is typed from a Michael hutcherson no signature no high quality Walmart type paper ink nothing . Alas there is a check inside 1890. Telling me to cash it. Spend 90. On items at store keep 300. Which still leaves some of the money not accounted for. Anyway this is scary I don’t trust true green right about now and these people were basically at my front door with kids in the house. They wanted me to purchase Walmart gift card in two 500 amounts stratch off and send a photo to a text number. Looked on Walmart web site they said things similar to this so I knew it was fraud the check is written off an account in note dame ,IN which I was able to locate on internet. But the signature on it was someone else all together but not able to make that out . They also give me a list of thing to check in the store to make me feel I was doing a survey .

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