Ward & Torres

Taylor –

Victim Location 28544

Type of a scam Employment

They emailed offering a job paying 1500 base pay and for every package you send out, its an extra $30. The day I was suppose too get paid I was magically locked out of my web cabinet. I have yet too receive pay from them.

Darrell –

Victim Location 33901

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Employment

This company emailed me about a "Gift Wrapping" Opportunity. They said they would pay 1500 a month for 10-20 packages coming to my house so I can put customized wrapping paper on gifts for clients. They’ve actually sent a package but says it was sold to me with a different address and shipped to my actual address. This website is well done and I got fooled. I didn’t have to pay anything at all, but I don’t want any parts of this mess. I’m not sure if they used anyone card or to for that protein shake that came to my house, Definitely sending that back.

Roger –

Victim Location 29605

Type of a scam Employment

Seemed too good to be true. I through researched the fake company’s web site, social media, Google, even tried to find the fake employees. Everything seem to look good but there were still things missing enough to spark suspicion. Then finally I got the right information.. Google gift wrap scam and it described my fake job almost perfectly. Close call. Another strange thing I noticed about the fake company is that everyone that liked any pictures on their Facebook seem to all be from Brazil.. weird

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