Warner Location Services

Carlos –

Victim Location 36116

Total money lost $437.16

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a David Collins in reference to a debt that I allegedly took out in 2012. We discussed it and I was threatened with a law suit if I the debt wasn’t paid. I decided to go ahead and pay it so we set up a payment arrangement for two payments of $437.46. They then emailed a document for me to sign thru Docu-sign to fill out payment information and updated contact info. I signed that form. For the first time that a payment was suppose to be drafted I didn’t get paid so a Ms. Platt called me on Saturday to take a payment but it never came. So the first payment went undrafted. They called me about two weeks later wanting to take a payment but I then specified that I only had $50 and they could draft that but they in turn drafted the whole amount. Mr. Collins said that he would refund my money but I saw that it was no point since they were going to take it anyway. So I decided to research the company and I found a lot of scam alerts online for them. They have been calling 5 or 6 times a day within minutes. They have started contacting anyone that may have known me, I guess thru public record. They even contacted my ex-husband. Before they decided to draft my account again I changed my account information to stop any further drafts. I then did a complaint thru the FTC and sent all correspondence from them to spam.org which was on the FTC website. I have not spoken to them since I filed my complaint but they still call 5 or more times a day and are still contacting people I know.

Melody –

Victim Location 63640

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Warner Location Services called my husband, children, mother, and employer leaving their name and information saying they couldn’t reach me when they had also called my cell phone.

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